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 Learn to understand your body, how it works, its limitations and its potential. 

 Physiotherapy that rehabilitates and teaches you to take care of yourself to have more energy, health and quality of life. 

Fisioterapeuta ricardo vargues

 About Me 


To bring a customized, excellent physiotherapy service to your home, where your participation in the rehabilitation process is active, mindful and informed. My approach is centered around identifying and maximizing your quality of life and restoring your health and well-being on a physical, psychological, emotional and social level.

Your lifestyle, body awareness and involvement during and after the rehabilitation period are fundamental aspects of my work. This all contributes to quick, effective recovery and promotes self-care.



To set a very high standard, guaranteeing an excellent service for you. To become your physiotherapist of choice through my passion for physiotherapy, my assessment of your needs, and my interest in developing a relationship based on empathy, ethics, professionalism and respect.

fisioterapeuta ricardo vargues

 Home Physiotherapy 

Comfort, convenience, personalized treatment, accelerated recovery and flexible schedules. 

ginastica laboral.

 Physiotherapy in Companies 

Excellence in the provision of health care and well-being in the workplace, in order to contribute to the development of motivating and healthy environments and activities for workers. 


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Élia Rodrigues

"My father is 83 years old and has an advanced oncological disease. I turned to Ricardo to help him with his lack of mobility. Ricardo's dedication and professionalism created an excellent connection, motivating my father to cooperate in the exercises he was asked to do. Currently, my father goes for a daily walk outside. Ricardo is a super empathetic person, committed and an exceptional professional. I highly recommend him 200%."
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