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 About Me 

fisioterapeuta ricardo vargues


I am a qualified, experienced professional with a Professional License awarded by the Portuguese Physiotherapy Association.


I have worked in physical rehabilitation for 10 years, helping patients to restore their function, whether in day-to-day life or a sports context.


My approach is centered around identifying and maximizing your quality of life and restoring your health and well-being on a physical, psychological, emotional and social level.


Your lifestyle, body awareness and involvement during and after the rehabilitation period are fundamental aspects of my work. This all contributes to quick, effective recovery and promotes self-care.

In my experience, the best way to achieve these results together draws on my knowledge of the best techniques and the best scientific evidence available, which I then share with you. By transferring this knowledge to you, your body awareness begins to develop.

In general, as individuals, we only observe our bodies when we feel pain or are ill, or when we feel unsatisfied with our physical appearance. When something is wrong with our body, it sends us warning signals through stimuli in the nerve endings, to draw our attention to its physical structure.

Therefore, the greater your awareness of your body, the better you can understand it: how it works and its limitations and potential, on both the inside and outside.


This concept also involves recognizing the warning signals sent by our body, so as to understand the optimal way to make movements to prevent pain and injury.


Many conditions arise when the body is exposed to frequent extreme conditions, such as more weight, pace and intensity than it can withstand. For this reason, body awareness is a fantastic way to prevent illness.


By discovering your body’s limits, you increase your ability for self-knowledge, learning how to make movements and when to stop in order to prevent these conditions. By doing so, you will use your body in a smart, careful way and prioritize your well-being.

My services are available for children, adults and older people.

Please get in touch to discover how my services can help you to feel good again.

Professional experience:

Academic training and additional training:

  • Degree in Physiotherapy — Atlântica Instituto Universitário.

  • Neuromuscular Bands Course. 

  • Chiropractic Course — Treatment of the Spine.

  • Sports Manual Therapy Course.

  • TMJ Course — Temporomandibular Joint.

  • ​Personal Trainer course.


Body awareness concepts from the book: “Improve body posture and your quality of life.” By Patricia Lacombe.

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